Kitchen Prep Made Easy With Kohler

Kitchen Design

If you do a lot of cooking then you know that sometimes clean up can take much longer then the actual cooking does. Well now there is a great solution from Kohler, the Crevasse. As you can see from the photo the sink does not look like any normal sink. It’s design has a couple […]

July 24, 2008

Feng Shui Friday: Kitchens

Interior Design

Feng shui is a powerful tool that can help make your life better and keep your home looking and feeling wonderful. The kitchen is now considered to be the center of the home. Most families spend their time in the kitchen eating, cooking and just hanging out. It’s also the place to be when entertaining […]

July 18, 2008

Design your own faucet!

Design on a budget, fun decor, Kitchen Design

Do you want your kitchen to stand out more, but you just don’t have a ton of money to put into a kitchen redesign? Well now you can have a unique centerpiece for it without spending thousands of dollars. California Faucets offers a custom design center that allows you to choose the style of faucet […]

July 16, 2008

Stage Your Home To Sell

Real Estate, Selling/Buying a Home

Right now the housing market stinks in most places it is a buyers market and while that is great for the new home buyer, it’s not so great for the seller who is having to keep dropping the price on a home that they hoped would get them though retirement or there selling to avoid […]

July 10, 2008

Why People Are Afraid Of Color

Interior Design

If you walk into a celebrity home usually they have high end luxury interior design. This type of design involves expense and risk. Sometimes these risk work sometimes they do not. One thing you see in many celebrity homes is color. They are not afraid of it, so why does it seem that everyone else […]

July 8, 2008

Buy Made In The USA, Furniture


One thing I like to stress is buying things that are unique and different. Most of the time I talk about importing things from exotic countries. Well today I want my fellow united states citizens to think not only of there country, but their wallets and our economy. That is why you should buy your […]

July 7, 2008

Shop Online For Your Home Decor


I always love finding deals online, I’m sure your like me and love to shop and shop and shop. I love looking at new items and trends. The latest decor is always at your finger tips when it comes to the Internet and usually you can get a great deal on things you can’t buy […]

July 3, 2008

Relax And Get To Bed The Modern Way

Bedroom design

Modern design is all about simple clean lines and relaxing decor. Yes it can also have a ton of color and pop out at you, but when it comes to a bedroom you want it relaxing right? When looking for bedroom decor you want to keep it simple if your going for the modern look. […]

July 3, 2008

Discover Beauty With Tile

Product reviews

Good design is not just about the furniture or the colors, but the added extras like tile that can make a room seem special or unique. Most people are familiar with Backsplash tile in a kitchen or bathroom, but did you know that you can do so much more with tile. One way I love […]

July 2, 2008