Save Money Grow A Garden


A garden is not only a great way to provide food for your family, but if you also grow some flowers and learn some basic floral arranging tips you can create some really good looking floral arrangements for your home for only pennies per arrangement. One tip I have for you is to keep all […]

April 29, 2009

Home Remodel Help

Interior Design

Have you been thinking about making your home your home. Do you have things you want to change or wish you could just have a new home. Well the economy may not let you have a new home, but you may be able to get some help with a remodel from where you can […]

April 22, 2009

Visit A Greenhouse

Interior Design

Are you stumped as to what you can do with your home now that the weather is nice. Well one way to get some fresh ideas is to visit your local greenhouse. They have of course great plants that could work very well in your home and they also are full of color, that means […]

April 19, 2009

Furniture Friday: The Peacock Throne

Furniture Friday

The Peacock throne of Shah Jahan was originally a throne of India. It also does refer to some Persian thrones, though not the same throne, it was stolen by the Persians in 1739 unfortunately they destroyed it. Though there are a few reproductions around the world. The throne was a sight to behold as it […]

April 10, 2009

Easter Decorating Tips

Holiday Decorating

I love Easter, it’s a carefree fun holiday for children and adults and it’s not as tiresome and stressful as christmas. Of course if your the one hosting the Easter festivities you may have more stress then others. Part of the fun of hosting Easter is decorating your home. Now with respect to the economy […]

April 7, 2009

Home Security

Product reviews, Resources

Today while I was out my sister had an unexpected visitor and even though we live in a small town and most people are okay this person scared her and she was very uncomfortable. This experience made me start thinking about a home wireless security system and getting one for my mom as soon as […]

April 3, 2009