Feng shui and changing your life

Feng Shui

A few months ago I decided I was going to try something out. I needed to make more money so that I could pay bills. I decided to try one method at a time to see if I could make more money using feng shui. I planted some seeds and set them in the south […]

June 10, 2008

Update on my mother

Feng Shui

My mom was suppose to come home from the hospital today, but they are keeping her there another day so no luck there. The good thing is today I have time to put some of my feng shui things into place. This will I hope help her once she gets home. I haven’t had time […]

March 15, 2008

Using Fung shui to improve your life

Feng Shui

On three Fridays each month I give you feng shui tips to help improve the look of your home and your life. A month or so ago I decided to try to grow some plants to see if it would help me make more money. I didn’t get started until last week so I haven’t […]

March 11, 2008

Feng Shui Friday: Cleanse your home 1

Feng Shui

With spring on the way many people are thinking about spring cleaning. I was just reading a blog about spring cleaning, it was for your blog, but it got me thinking about home spring cleaning. In fung shui a clean home is a huge advantage to a not so clean home, but when you do spring […]

February 29, 2008

Feng Shui Friday

Feng Shui

For the inbetween Fridays of the now once a month Furniture Friday I will be having fung shui Fridays. All this will be is a short post with one or two fung shui tips for your home. I hope you enjoy! Fung shui tip If you have a stair case facing directly out your door […]

January 18, 2008

A pause on Furniture Friday

Feng Shui

I have been having trouble getting the research done for Furniture Friday. I have started classes again and the workload is horrible. I will try to have one FF once a month. I want these articles to be informative and as accurate as I can possibly get. So I will continue to work on it […]

January 11, 2008