All About Toho Bugle Beads

Design on a budget, fun decor

When it comes to bugle beads, one name stands out and this is the Toho bugle beads. Toho bugle beads are manufactured in Japan and are regarded with the highest quality. This type of beads are very small and their sizes range about 2mm to 9mm long to complement whatever types of beads that you […]

April 5, 2012

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Accessories, Design on a budget

Changing your look is not always about knocking down walls and painting, sometimes it’s as simple as changing the pictures in a room or your whole home. A few days ago, my mother took down my favorite painting, she teaches for Head start and they were talking about flowers, so she took the painting of […]

May 9, 2009

Find A Bargin On Home Decor

Design on a budget

If you are looking for ways to save a ton of cash on home decor you should look no further then your closest garage sale or soon to be foreclosed home. Many people now are starting to move out of their homes due to this and may either leave things behind or sell them for […]

September 15, 2008

Design your own faucet!

Design on a budget, fun decor, Kitchen Design

Do you want your kitchen to stand out more, but you just don’t have a ton of money to put into a kitchen redesign? Well now you can have a unique centerpiece for it without spending thousands of dollars. California Faucets offers a custom design center that allows you to choose the style of faucet […]

July 16, 2008

Simple Saturday

Design on a budget, Simple Saturday

Right now most people don’t have much money to spend, but soon those rebate checks will be out and you are suppose to spend them on stuff. Not bills, Hydroxycut or debt. If your one of those who are able to spend it on stuff I think I can help you out with a few […]

April 26, 2008

Win a $20,000 Home Makeover

Design on a budget

Do you wish you could actually do some of the things I talk about without making it look like a hurricane went though your home? Well now you can! Renuzit is having a $20,000 home makeover contest. I love when business do this as sometimes people really need the help but they can’t afford to […]

March 22, 2008